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From large tree removals, to the most complex, smaller removals in those limited access areas over your pool or house.
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We have over 15 years of experience with tree pruning, and are able to identify structural defects and hazards that your untrained eye may not see.
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Eco Arboriculture Australia is owned and managed by Quinton Quig. Clients only deal with me when requesting quotes, or simply asking questions about the work they want to have done. 
I meet the client on site, answer any further questions the client may have before work proceeds, carry out the work previously discussed and agreed, then make sure the client is happy with the outcome.
I am proud of the fact that  I offer honest advice about people’s trees and what they need to do to maintain them, despite what they think they need.


I will always try and do the best thing for the tree first then take into consideration what the client wants. I then try to find the best overall outcome for all concerned.

I take great pride and care in my work. I can identify defects with client’s trees and discuss it with them in a professional ethical and knowledgeable manner.
My qualifications include a diploma in Arboriculture (cert 5), a diploma in training and assessing in Arboriculture (cert 4). I hold multiple other qualifications and have 15 years of industry-based experience in  Australia in Arboriculture and Forestry.

This additional service led to an addendum to the name and Lang’s Continental Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control Service was registered in 1989. Tile cleaning was added to the list of services.

Gary and Deborah continue as the owner / operators of Lang’s Continental Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control and are proud of the reputation they have built over the years. A strong, recurrent client base is testimony to Gary’s commitment to professional, high quality service. One regular client coined the phrase: “Why try the rest when you can have the best”.

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Why would you not want to use processed tree mulch on your gardens?
A great medium textured mulch is the best you can find anywhere. The chemical diversity within wood chips tends to make it a great choice for adding nutrients to soil. This type of mulch contains the leaves, fine twigs, branches, dead wood, bark and heavier woody material which is all mixed in together. It holds moisture and water well, won’t starve your trees or shrubs roots from oxygen, improves the soil, activates worms and microorganisms in the soil, and also acts as a natural weed suppressant.

This means that it will provide your trees with a stable soil temperature and PH level to promote tree and plant growth in and around your gardens. It also offers a better result than other straw mulches as it takes longer to break down and slowly releases nutrients into the soil.
Trees, especially young ones, typically benefit most from a 2- to 3-inch layer of mulch around their base. Just not up against their trunk as this may cause rot and other issues. But then a young, mulched tree, combined with correct formative pruning techniques should provide a strong sound structure for many years to come.  
Home owners also need to be aware of their local council laws in their regions regarding their trees. Some trees, even yours, may have a VPO placed against it. What is a VPO? Vegetation Protection Order, or one may be placed on your entire block as well. It sounds daunting, but we can help and guide you through the process. It also helps because Quinton is a qualified, cert 5 diploma level arborist that can give you the correct advice and work in with the local laws and council permits.