Tree Removal


Eco Arboriculture Australia are the preferred professionals when it comes time to remove your trees in the Brisbane Northside regions. Quinton is known as one of the tree removal specialists in a lot of areas from the Gold Coast, Ipswich, Toowoomba, and Northern Sunshine Coast to as far as St George and Charleville in Western Queensland. From large tree removals to the most complex, smaller removals in those limited access areas over your pool or house.
“I’m a contract climber as well, so I’m the guy they use when it’s something difficult, or extreme rigging skills are required. This could mean anything from advanced felling, manually rigging them down piece by piece, working with a crane to lift entire trees out whole, or sections at a time.”

But……… Prune, Retain, Habitat, Remove is our motto. Trees provide us and the environment with so much, from habitat, shade, aesthetics, cooling effects, erosion control, and blossoms for bee’s right down to air filtration.
Even dead trees in the right environment can be made into a liveable habitat for native wildlife. This is also another great option to consider before removing a dead tree. It is also something that I am experienced in, from carving nesting boxes in trees for birds to arachnid areas lower down. Most people don’t realise how much dead trees also play a part in the eco system.  

Removing trees can sometimes be a hard decision, but unavoidable when safety, property, or the health of the tree has diminished. When all other options have been exhausted, and you have decided it has to come down, then we are there for you.


Trees are like us, they are living creatures, and like all living things, they too have a life span. A tree’s decline may be from numerous things like age, internal or external rot from fruiting bodies, diseases, termite or timber insect infestations, natural failures through wind loading or a poorly formed structure, fire or lightening damage, poisoning through natural or unnatural processes or simple changes to the topography.
All tree removal work is performed safely and professionally. We take great care that no damage is done to your property or surrounding structures.

It’s also your decision with how you would like the debris or log processed. We can process everything on-site through our chipping machine and you can decide if you would like the mulch. Or we can mulch the smaller debris and cut the larger logs and trunk into firewood.

We leave the site clean tidy when the work is finished so you’re not spending your own time cleaning things up.